Pray with us

Praying together strengthens us all.
We invite you to join us in our prayers from St Mary's services.

We pray for our own church family.

We confess our own failings, lack of compassion and understanding. We ask that you graciously show us a spirit of love and forgiveness that sees only the good in each other and that bears no grudges or grievances.

May we learn to forgive as you forgive us, so that we may live together in love and unity.

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God of all creation, we thank you for the everyday blessings that we take for granted: for the warmth and love of family and friends, the availability of food and water, the advantage of education and for the wonder of nature and our freedom.

We pray that you will help us appreciate your abundant gifts and give us the wisdom to preserve our wonderful planet and to give thanks for the blessing of every moment that we live.