Lent at St. Mary's

Lent is the Anglo-Saxon word for Spring. It should be a season full of the promise of new life – and so it can be.  Perhaps especially so this year, mirroring we hope, the gradual return following pandemic. For many Christians, Lent is their favourite season of the Church’s year.  It is a time to take stock and clear out the old dead wood, to turn over a new leaf, to dig deeper and to try to get a bit spiritually fitter.


After the darkness and seeming deadness of winter, when we all hunker down, Lent is also the season when we come back into community, especially that realisation that we are part of God’s family in the world.  So, in Lent we turn our eyes to the needs of the world.  We pray, some of us fast, and we give in a more focussed way. In Lent we receive and we give.  We give and we receive.  We discover the more we give the more we receive.  As we make more space inside ourselves for God, God graciously moves in, giving us more than we ever dreamed of or hoped for.

Study Groups

Our book this Lent is “Cries for a Lost Homeland” by Bishop Guli Francis-Dehqani.  Born in Iran and part of the tiny Anglican Church, Bishop Guli witnessed the trauma of the 1979 Islamic Revolution in which the Church and her family suffered great loss.  Here she offers profound and moving reflections on Jesus’ seven sayings from the cross, drawing on the riches and beauty of her native Persian culture and her experience of exile to reveal that in Christ all our stories find a homecoming.

Meeting Times

We have three different study groups who will meet once a week throughout Lent. Please join the group that best suits your schedule:

  • Wednesday mornings from 9 March: 10:30 - 12:00 in the Peace Chapel

  • Wednesday Evenings from 9th March: 8pm - 9.30pm on Zoom

  • Thursday afternoons from 10th March: 3pm – 4.30pm on Zoom