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St. Mary's spire

Our Mission

Consecrated in 1094, St. Mary's has served as a spiritual landmark and gathering place for people of all faiths throughout the centuries. We are a welcoming and inclusive community, dedicated to fostering spiritual growth and helping people of all backgrounds come together to celebrate faith and life. Central to our life and mission at St. Mary's is prayer. In addition to our regular services, the church is open daily to allow people a sacred space for contemplation and prayer. Our Peace Chapel is a space for all people - of any faith or none - to find quietness and calm.  We invite you to pray with us.

God of all creation, we thank you for the everyday blessings that we take for granted: for the warmth and love of family and friends, the availability of food and water, the advantage of education and for the wonder of nature and our freedom. We pray that you will help us appreciate your abundant gifts and give us the wisdom to preserve our wonderful planet and to give thanks for the blessing of every moment that we live.

Our Heritage

St Mary's Church is not only the Landmark emblem for the borough of Harrow but it's also Harrow's oldest building. Our church was built as a result of Harrow always having been seen as a sacred place, and indeed, the name Harrow derives from the Anglo-Saxon word hearg which means worshipping place! The links of the church to Harrow's history are beautifully displayed in the magnificent stained glass windows in our clerestory.


When William the Conqueror arrived, his Archbishop of Canterbury determined that Harrow should have a major church; and so in 1094 St Mary's Church was consecrated by none other than St. Anselm! Another famous date was 1170 when St. Thomas Becket preached at St. Mary's 13th December- just 16 days before he was murdered in Canterbury Cathedral.

We also share a rich history with the community on the hill. In 1572, local farmer John Lyon with his philanthropic ambitions, founded a school for local farmers' boys. We now know this school at Harrow Boy's School! We continue to have a close relationship with the school, and John Lyon's grave is in St. Mary's Churchyard.


These are just some of the historic links between our church and Harrow: please come and and enjoy the stories the stones of St Mary's hold. We hold regular St Mary’s Open Days where we run tours of the church and Spire. We also take part in the Heritage Open Day Festival every September. For more information contact our Parish Office.

Our Vicar

James Power, Vicar of St Mary's Harrow on the Hill

The Reverend James Power

Father James became Vicar of St Mary’s in October 2015 but was already well known here and around Harrow, having been Senior Chaplain at Harrow School since 1989.

Born and brought up in Cardiff, he read Chemistry at the University of Nottingham and Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Leeds. He prepared for ordination at the College of the Resurrection, Mirfield, before being ordained in the Church in Wales. He served his title in the Parish of Caxton-juxta-Barry (made famous by the TV series Gavin and Stacey!)


Much of his ministry has been spent in education, having taught for over 25 years. He has also served as a governor at a variety of maintained and independent schools and currently chairs the Trustees of the Red Balloon Learner Centre, North West London, which helps severely bullied children.

He is married to Fiona; they have two grown up children, Huw and Kitty.

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